Our Mission

JAMII IMPACT is contributing to the national and global financial inclusion agendas by unlocking capital needed to fund financial inclusion activities as stimuli to sustainable livelihoods improvement of disadvantaged individuals and families.

JAMII IMPACT pursues a “double bottom line”- approach in delivering its services to CMGs – aiming for return on investment while generating positive socio-economic impact (eradicating poverty via improving local economies). For further information on our impact strategy and measurement click here.

  1. Fund Mobilization & Investing:
    JAMII IMPACT bridges the liquidity gap in CMGs whose members engage in activities such as smallholder farming and entrepreneurship.
  1. Technical Assistance Services & Digital Solutions:
    JAMII IMPACT delivers capacity building services and digital financial solutions to CMGs through its non-profit making partner. Our work at the grassroots level helps us to receive first-hand information regarding the specific demands and needs of the clients we serve. Potential trainings comprise basic entrepreneurial skills, increasing the levels of financial literacy and region-specific agricultural trainings.
  1. Innovative Digital Technology:
    JAMII IMPACT uses state-of-the-art software tools to efficiently conduct its day-to-day microfinance business. JAMII IMPACT applies an agile and holistic approach (both quantitative and qualitative) to measure and evaluate the social and ecological impact created through our day-to-day activities. For more information on our impact strategy and measurement click here.